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The Macal River Valley in western Belize is one of the most pristine and fragile habitats in Central America. It is home to more than a dozen rare and endangered species, including the jaguar, tapir, howler monkey, and the Scarlet Macaw -- fewer than 200 of these birds are left in Belize. Plans by Fortis Inc., a Canadian company based in Newfoundland, Canada to build a dam in this unique habitat could destroy this wildlife haven forever.

The dam would flood one of Central America's last remaining intact rainforests, destroying habitat for a number of rare and endangered species that have lost much of their habitat elsewhere in Central America. Species that would be affected include the jaguar, Scarlet Macaw, and Belize's national animal, the tapir. In addition, untouched ancient Maya monuments would be flooded. The dam would consolidate Fortis' monopoly in Belize, where Fortis charges more than three times more for electricity than the average price in Canada. The dam is a bad deal for Belize and a black mark for Canada.

For More Information:

International Coalition to Save the Macal River Valley: http://www.stopfortis.org